A Guide to Buying Dog Potty Trays and How to Train Your Dog to Use It

There will always be cases when taking your dog out to potty can be a problem, whether due to rainy, stormy or snowy days, or your don’t simply can’t control the urge to go yet. Luckily, there are dog toilet trays that can serve as your dog’s toilet inside the comfort of your own home. A dog pee tray is also a great tool to house train your pup and provide a dog litter box solution for people living in apartment buildings. No matter what your reasons for getting a dog pee tray are, you need to make sure you get one that’s suitable for your pet. There are a few different types of dog potty trays:

  • Traditional Litter Boxes – These are the same as cat litter boxes, except they’re made with higher walls to prevent dogs from scattering the litter substrate you’ll use inside them.
  • Dog Pee Pads – These are basically large sheets of paper or fabric, or a combination of both that you can insert in a shallow, yet big enough box for your dog to go in and do its thing. These are typically used in housebreaking. The downside to these is that it can be messy for the dog the next time it goes in it.
  • Plastic Grates – These gadgets solve the issues dog pee pads have, as they provide an uplifted platform upon which your dog can step on in order to keep its paws dry while the urine goes through the large holes of the screen. The grate can also serve as a screen, making it easy to clean your dog’s poop, as it’s separated from your dog’s urine.
  • Real and Synthetic Grass – Both real and synthetic grass have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of real grass is – it’s real and your dog associates it with outdoor grass. Real grass has odour-neutralising properties as well. However, real grass is an expensive solution, as it can’t be reused. On the bright side, you don’t have to clean it as you’ll just throw it out. Synthetic grass is stronger than real grass, it’s cheaper and features great odour-neutralising properties. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend some time cleaning it, and your dog will need to be trained to accept it, as while it looks like real grass, it doesn’t feel the same.
dog on pee tray
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But no matter what type of dog pee tray you decide to go for, it’s essential you observe proper sanitation. Both urine and feces contain microorganisms that can be harmful not only to your health, but the health of your other pets. Keeping your dog’s pee tray clean and sanitary are key to preventing the transmission of germs that can cause diseases. Always follow the cleaning advice of manufacturers on how to properly take care of the tray, especially if it’s non-natural grass.

Furthermore, you should know that you’ll probably need to spend time training your dog to use the tray. Some tips that can make this mission successful faster are:

  • Train Your Dog Early – If you have a puppy, train them while they’re still young. If you adopted an older dog from a shelter, make housebreaking one of your top priorities, and this includes introducing it to the dog potty training tray.
  • Know Your Dog’s Elimination Patterns – Usually, dogs defecate about half an hour to an hour after they’ve had a meal. Puppies take much faster, and it can be anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. Take note of your dog’s pattern so you can guide it towards the potty when the time comes.
  • Routine and Consistency – These two things are key when training your dog not just to potty in the tray, but anything in general. If you want your dog to “go” in 7 or 8 in the morning, it’s important you take them to the tray that time of day, every day. If you want it to “go” in the evening before bed, then make sure you do that every night.
  • Mind Your Energy – Don’t rush your dog or punish it if things don’t go smoothly from the get-go. Make sure they get accustomed to the routine you’ve set for them, and be patient.
  • Positive Reinforcement – Every time your dog uses the potty tray successfully, give it praise, or even a treat. Positive reinforcement will mean a lot to your dog.
grass pee pad potty pet training tray
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If you pick the right dog potty training tray, and train your dog to use it properly, it can be a great tool to address your dog’s need to eliminate, especially when the weather and circumstances prevent them from doing it outdoors. Such a gadget won’t break your bank, yet will save you a lot of time and effort into cleaning after your dog every time it decides to go, as well as nerves that it did so where it isn’t supposed to.

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