Essential Accessories for Your Feline

As a cat owner you’re going to need a lot of cat accessories in order to keep your feline happy and healthy, starting from the bed your cat is going to sleep in, to the transportation accessories and toys. Cats might be needy, but considering how good companions they are, it’s worth it.

High-Quality Cat Bed for Ultimate Comfort

Bedding for cats is as important as it is for humans. First, cats need comfort too, comfort that regular sofas or chairs in the living room can’t provide. On another note, cats sleep a lot. Fun fact: Cats spend two-thirds of their lifetime sleeping. So knowing this, it’s only logical to get your feline a high-quality and comfortable cat bed in which it’ll be able to sleep on cloud nine.

You’d be surprised by the wide range of options and different designs of cat beds available to buy. You can get anything from the simplest to the wildest bed design you’ve ever seen. And when you think about it, your cat really does deserve it all so don’t hesitate to pick something unordinary. For instance, you can buy a cool and versatile igloo bed for cats. As the name suggests, igloo cat beds have the shape of an igloo with an opening in the front. Igloo for cats are the ideal choice for winter and chilly days since they offer additional protection from the cold, but without a doubt, your cat will love staying and sleeping in the igloo bed all year round.

cat sitting next to its igloo bed

Cat igloo beds are made from the softest fabric that is also super thick and furry. You can be sure that your cat will sleep in utmost comfort. The base is slip-proof and you can place it anywhere in your house. The design of the bed offers your kitty privacy and a sense of security that we know cats love. You can get an igloo bed in warm chocolate colour and incorporate it with the rest of your furniture.

And here’s the best thing about igloo for cat beds. They come with a hook on the top which means you can hang the igloo bed wherever you want and create a sort of kingdom for your furry friend. Cats love to sleep and hang out in elevated places that provide them with a good viewpoint. For that reason, the igloo bed for cats is the best choice and you can rest assured your feline will love it.

Bubble Backpack for Safe Transportation

Having the proper cat transportation accessories are important if you love taking your cat with you on walks or if you’re travelling or moving with your cat. And if you have to pick something from the many choices out there, why not get the latest trend? The bubble backpack for cats. The bubble backpack has the shape of a regular backpack and is carried as one with the sole difference that the bubble backpack is completely see-through and has ventilation holes. The idea behind it is to keep your feline safe and sound while providing it with an amazing view.

bubble backpacks for cats

Bubble backpacks for cats are comfortable both for the cat to stay in and for the human to carry. You have your furry friend close to you while at the same time having your hands free to do something else. It’s a real revelation when it comes to transportation accessories. And hey, imagine the view of people walking behind you. Priceless.

Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats

Automatic feeders are an accessory you need to consider getting especially if you’re a busy person not at home for a big portion of the day. I mean yes, you can leave a couple of bowls filled with food for when your cat gets hungry, but let’s face it, cats are a bit tricky when it comes to food (they are tricky when it comes to everything) so full bowls of stale food might not be the greatest idea.

Luckily for you, automatic feeders, come to the rescue. They usually work on the following principle: with a program or with the help of gravity. Programmable feeders have an option to be programmed according to your cat’s lunchtime and at the right time set, they will fill the bowl with food. You can programme it for up to a week or a longer period of time.

automatic pet feeder

The ones that rely on gravity fill the bowl once your cat empties it enough. Both options are good and it all comes down to how much money you want to spend on the automatic feeder.

Keep in mind that the location or placement of the automatic feeder is just as important. Cats usually stick to a routine so if you try to change the location of the food all of a sudden, your cat will most certainly avoid it. So play your cards right.

Scratching Posts and Climbing Frames

Scratching posts are a must if you’re not up for renovations at home. Cats have the habit of scratching and destroying objects with their claws so if it’s not the scratching post it’ll be your sofa, carpet and curtains. It’s the cat’s way of leaving scents behind and marking territory so it’s completely natural.

The good news is cats love scratching posts as much as they love sofas, so as long as you have an amazing scratching post for your feline, you’re good to go. And here’s a great idea if you have an empty wall or space somewhere in your house. You can install climbing frames on the wall and put a scratching post on the ground. It’ll be your cat’s personal space in which it can freely scratch, leave marks, trails, jump and do anything it wants.

cat and its scratching post

The scratching post needs to be high in altitude because cats love climbing. It should be made out of firm material that is also good for scratching and shredding. It should consist out of vertical and horizontal surfaces because as I said before, cat’s scratch curtains, but they scratch carpets too.

And of course, cats love to have fun. So the more eccentric and unusually shaped the scratching post is the better. You can even combine two or three different scratching posts that will keep your pet busy, happy and satisfied.

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