How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Bird

Quite often, bird owners have divided opinions when it comes to investing in toys for their little friends. While some of them are okay to treat them with a toy from time to time, others have made the decision not to buy toys as they never play with them. Instead, they only destroy them. And while this is true, the most interesting part is that toys are really beneficial for birds. Since they are considered as multi-tasking things, they can really contribute to the birds’ well-being in general. Now, before you shop, there are some things you need to consider when in the search for the right type of toys. Instead of opting for the ones that you find appealing, have a look at the most important things to consider according to professionals.

Size Matters

Just like with kids, the size of bird toys can play a major role in how much your bird will like it or not. It has been said that you should stay strictly to the rule of choosing a toy that is the same size as your bird. Birds enjoy playing with toys that can be cuddled, chewed and eventually destroyed. For instance, too small toys are hazardous for birds as they can easily manage with the toy, bite a part of it and swallow it. On the other hand, too big toys mean that the bird can get its beak around some part of the toy and get stuck as the bird won’t be able to manage the toy with its beak.

Think about the Toys’ Quality

An important thing to have in mind when shopping for bird toys is to choose quality over quantity. In order to be sure that you will receive the best products for the many, it is best to stick to reputable and reliable manufacturers. The ideal way to shop for quality toys for your bird is by shopping from stores that are specialised in this. These stores use only quality and safe products, ones that are made only of non-toxic parts.

Invest in Several Toys

Just like kids, birds can really get bored with a toy if it’s only one. So, besides its favourite type of toy, investing in several others would be great. But don’t make the mistake of giving them all at once. Keep several of them in the cage and rotate their location once a week. A rule to follow is never letting the cage become boring.

Make a Regular Inspection

Exercise Bird Toys

A weekly inspection is needed as birds are really into chewing and destroying toys. This is considered as a part of their play game, so it is of vital importance to inspect its toys for any unsafe parts. If there are any stringy frayed fibres, trimming them is paramount.

Now, besides these things, you should know that there are different types of bird toys, and not all will be preferred by your bird. For the reason, you should observe it and see what’s its style.

Foraging Toys

These types of toys require birds to work for their food. How so?! Well, they require the bird to problem solve something in order to obtain a desired toy or treat. Skewers, puzzles and cardboard boxes are such types of toys.

Chewing Toys

A thing to know about wild birds is that they chew throughout the day and especially during the breeding season. A thing to have in mind is that the function of these toys is to chew smaller sized pieces. These toys are simply designed for those birds which want to destroy toys, and in the end, all birds are like that. This is because chewing is the most natural activity for birds and owners should provide this to them for their own sanity.

Exercise Toys

These toys are paramount in order to keep your birds in tip-top body condition. Bungees and swings are one of the most popular toys in this range as they are great in challenging its balancing skills. They are also great for building up the wing and chest muscles while ropes and ladders are perfect for back, legs and feet exercise.

Comfort Toys

Love Birds

Since some types of birds love to cuddle and are always with a partner, sometimes when caged they might feel incredibly lonely. This could lead to the development of some destructive behaviours and anxiety. For the reason, treating them with a snuggly toy/s would be just perfect. Being able to snuggle and cuddle whenever they want would help them feel safe and happy.

Puzzle and Manipulative Toys

Except for being the perfect toy to get to their food, puzzles and some manipulative toys are the perfect types for helping birds develop their minds.

Foot Toys

As the name implies, foot toys are designed to help birds exercise their feet and promote dexterity.

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