Take Your Pooch Along Everywhere You Go – Dog Crate Buying Guide

It’s normal for dogs to feel nervous in the presence of strangers, especially when young kids are around. It’s because they are eager to play with pups and easily overwhelm dogs with their exciting behaviour. Also, you may have some friends that feel a bit tense around your furry friend too. For these and a few other reasons, investing in a dog crate is a wise idea. What is a dog crate? It’s basically a cage made of different materials that use used for transportation or for security purposes. They provide a hygienic personal space for your four-legged friend and keep him disciplined.

dog sitting inside the crate

Types of dog crates

Dog crates are available in different styles and materials all with their pros and cons. Being familiar with all of them can help you make a more informed decision and choose the most suitable crate for your dog.

  • Solid wood dog crate – If you don’t want to compromise on your home decor and look for a stylish piece then solid wood dog crate is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, you can find them in several colours and styles. Why buying a wooden crate is a good idea? Because is stylish and colourful, it can fit indoors in any style without an effort and because there is a wide variety you can choose from. Although they are the most expensive ones compared to other types they are worth the money since they are sturdy and durable. Usually, they are not recommended for destructive dogs because they can damage the crate. Although some people consider cleaning as a bit tricky, taking care of a wooden crate is actually not so complicated. All you need is to avoid using water or cleaners that can infiltrate the wood. Instead, you can use a damp rag or a vacuum to clean both, the exterior and interior. You can also sweep the crate but make sure you live it out to air and don’t let your dog use it before it’s completely dry.
  • Metal dog crate – These crates are made of thick wires or metal sheets. Also, they are the most common ones you can see around. You can find them with a single door or multiple openings. What makes them a good choice is they always provide good airflow, they are portable and lightweight, available with divider panels and they come with removable tray for easy cleaning. However, they still have some downsides. Some dogs feel very exposed in such crate and the most intelligent ones can escape easily.
  • Plastic dog crate – These crates are also known as travel cages or pet carrier. They are mostly used for transportation purpose, especially when travelling by car or airline. They are lightweight what makes them easily portable. Also, their bottom can be used as an open pet bed, they provide better insulation, they are more secure and sheltered. On the other hand, they reduce ventilation which makes them not suitable for hot climates and they are hard to clean as well.

dog inside the solid wood dog crate

Indoor or outdoor

Depending on your pet’s nature and your convenience you can keep your crate indoor or outdoor. However, this also depends on the type of the crate ou choose. For example, plastic crates can be used both, indoor and outdoor. They take less space but keeping the dog longer in this crate is not a good idea as it can result in depression. Metal crates are open and airy what makes them perfect for outdoor use but they are not a good choice for small houses. Wooden crates, on the other hand, are perfect for indoor use. They are bit heavy what makes them difficult to move. However, if you want to keep it outdoor you need to ensure the crate is not directly exposed to the elements.

Why dog owners need a dog crate

Because if you have a dog crate you can take your furry friend anywhere you go and moreover you will create a dedicated and safe space for your dog. No matter you want to take your dog out with you on a trip or you need to visit the pet hospital, a dog cannel is at your service. Besides, it can save your furniture from chewing by disciplining a spiled doggie. Also, it will help you prevent destruction habits in dogs, limit the movement of your dog by providing a peaceful and safe space when injured or sick. It saves you from possible embarrassment on the visit of important guests and creates personal space for your pet he can use it anytime he wants some privacy.

Introducing your pet to the crate can be a chore. At first, your dog may feel nervous and insecure so be patient. Make sure the cage is the right size for your pet so he can feel comfortable. Fortunately, there is a huge range of different shapes, styles and sizes so choosing the perfect fit would not be an issue. Size is a very important consideration and can make a huge difference in your dog’s experience with the cage. For example, if it’s too big the pet instantly transform it into messy space while too small one can make him uncomfortable, aggressive, agitated and depress. And this is not what you want from the crate. Instead, this unit aims to keep your dog comfortable, secured, protected and disciplined.

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