The Most Common Uses of Dog Wraps – a How-To Guide for Your Pup

Dog nappies aren’t a product dog owners think of very often. Yet these products can be very helpful during certain times of your pet’s life. The most common use for dog wraps is for dog incontinence, which could be due to an illness, age, or lack of former training. It’s important that dog owners understand that even dough dog sanitary pads are a valuable tool during potty training, they shouldn’t be a substitute for proper training. Aside from these, there are various other uses for dog diapers.

Female Dog on Their Menses

Female dogs that haven’t been spayed will have their menses (period) roughly 2 times per year. Some dog owners find using dog wraps during these times helpful, especially if their dogs have heavy menstrual flow. Plus, female dog sanitary pads would be warranted if the dog lives indoors, and even more so if the flooring is carpeted.

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Female Dog in Heat

Using a dog diaper during your female dog heat cycle can collect blood discharge as described above as well as help prevent unwanted mating. You should know that diapers can be ripped off by determined males, so don’t depend on them to guarantee chastity. Make sure you supervise your female dog in areas where males could be present.

During Potty Training

For certain dogs and/or dog owners, potty training can be quite difficult. In such cases, dog diapers can be used as a temporary tool to help with the training. Sanitary pads can be especially helpful when training large adult dogs. Cleaning up urine from a 25-kilo dog is no joke. When using diapers to training, it is important to teach your dog the association between diapers on (no peeing) and diapers off (peeing outside). When your dog becomes able to hold it until going out, give him a lot of praise when he finishes peeing in the correct area. Gradually increases the time between potty sessions.

Periodic Use

Dog diapers can be life saviours during times of travel or visiting places where dog urine is not welcome. They can be especially beneficial when travelling long distances, like on aeroplanes and trains. These modes of transportation don’t make it easy to potty your dog, so dog diapers can come in handy. Furthermore, certain dogs, especially males, tend to mark new areas they visit. This may be inconvenient with your dinner hosts who kindly invited your dog to come along with you. If your dog is a ‘marking’ type, this would be a great time to use diapers as a temporary precaution.

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Types and Styles of Sanitary Pads for Dogs

Although this dog product is not very common, it is available in a surprising amount of options and styles. There are disposable and washable types, male and female models, organic, breathable, biodegradable, ultra-absorbent, etc. The two main categories of dog diapers are disposable and washable.


These types are perfect for occasional use. However, if you will need to use sanitary pads for a longer duration, the cost of these diapers will add up. Plus, disposable diapers are less breathable than fabric diapers, so long term use could cause skin issues. And finally but not least, this type of dog diaper is not environmentally friendly.


This is a good option for dogs that need to use diapers often. Aside from being more economical, they are also a better choice for the environment. However, cleaning them is not fun. But considering the fact that we care for our dogs just like our babies, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Velcro vs Harness

Reusable cloth diapers generally come with adjustable velcro wraps for closure. Most of them are designed to allow to insert extra sanitary pads for extra absorption. Reusable diapers dog sanitary pads are also available with suspender type straps – they are generally more complicated to put on. They also cost a bit more. Aesthetically speaking, harness diapers look a bit less like diapers and more like a full-body dog harness. This feature is more appealing to fashion-conscious dog owners. These diapers are also more suitable for an anxious dog as the wraps swaddle the dogs, providing comfort. Harness style diapers are also a great option for dogs that tend to try and remove their diapers as they are more secure.

How to Use a Sanitary Pad for Dogs?

Before buying dog diapers, it is important to measure your dog correctly to get the perfect size and fit. That is because different types of dogs have different directions for measuring. When putting on a dog diaper, make sure the diaper fits well but it’s not too tight to cause any discomfort. Look for a diaper with soft fabric to ensure enhanced comfort and protection from chaffing.

The most important aspect of using a dog diaper is to change it as soon as you notice soiling. Keeping a wet diaper on a dog can result in more problems than it solves. It’s also important to mention that dog diapers aren’t meant for fecal waste – unless in extreme cases where a dog is immobile.

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