Ultrasonic Bark Control Devices: Take Proper Control of Your Furry Companion

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, the truth is that dog barking can be quite annoying. Each and every dog owner needs to be aware of the fact that not all people can get used to that noise which is why installing an outdoor bark control device is paramount. As dog owners, we can stop dogs from barking when seeing a person, an animal or when hearing a noise. We need to understand that they feel an urge to bark, so making everything in our power to stop them from barking would be great.

As already mentioned, the newest and quite successful way to help dogs stop barking is by installing outdoor bark control device. Out of all types, these days one of the most popular and commonly used type is the ultrasonic model. This type of device is a small machine that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The main purpose of these devices is detecting a dog’s bark with the use of an internal microphone. Once the machine reads the signals, it will start emitting ultrasonic noise which is undetectable by humans but detectable by dogs. This will bring them a safe discomfort that will make them stop barking and making too much noise.

little puppy barking

Benefits of Dog Bark Control Device

No matter how much you love dogs, sometimes even for you as a dog owner could be stressful listening to your dog barking all day. This goes especially for those dogs that could be triggered literally by everything. Even birds can trigger some dogs, make them anxious and nervous. Installing such a device can help you have peace of mind while allowing you to have e good night’s sleep which is much needed these days. We are leading a very busy and stressful life nowadays, so the least we can do at home is get a good rest. And this could be impossible if having a dog that is constantly barking.

Another advantage of installing such devices is that they will teach dogs that not all noises they hear present a danger. They will help them understand that barking and howling on everything is not needed. That way, both you and your dog will sleep easier. But most importantly, your neighbours will sleep better as well. We know how difficult it can be to deal with neighbours, so making sure you won’t receive a warrant or sanction for your dog is essential.

dog with anti barking device

Things to Look in an Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Device

One of the biggest concerns that pet owners have is whether these devices are safe for the dogs or not. Even though they emit a noise, the truth is that the noise is not harmful to dogs, just annoying. And as soon as the barking stops, these devices are designed to shut off.

Since there are a lot of ultrasonic bark control devices available on the market, you should know that a great number of them have safety features and even a volume and range control. They are extremely easy to install and allow to be completely turned off in case you want to give your dog a little time to bark during the day. Since these devices are available in a range of models, you can even choose from one that looks more like a decorative souvenir than an anti-barking device. For instance, you can choose between ones that look like mixer/grinder, birdhouse, little stereo or one that looks like a rock. Usually, these devices can cover more than 15m in diameter which means that it’s great even for those of you with bigger backyards.

According to professional dog trainers and dog owners, these devices can affect your dog in a positive way. On the other hand, any dog that is deaf or it has some problems with hearing, over time will learn that excessive barking can cause them discomfort and annoyance.

dog barking in garden

How to Use Such a Device?

If you plan to use this device outdoors, according to professionals, it’s best to store it in a safe place. Although a great number of them are waterproofed and durable, keeping it as safe and dry as possible is always a better idea. For instance, you can install them on a door, near the shed, underneath the porch roof, etc. No matter where you plan to install it, what’s important is to install it in the needed area. This device is designed to stop dogs from barking but if installed on a long-distance, they won’t serve you.

A thing to have in mind is that these devices can use up a lot of battery life. So making sure you change the batteries regularly is essential if you want the device to work properly. In order to prevent any misuse or improper installation, it’s best to follow the setup instructions.

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